Blobs are interesting creatures that love blobbing around and enjoy fun!

feel free to ask questions! they love to chat!

run by @beefox
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some blobs like to relax in odd places, don't eat them though!

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here bomaw•blob! bomaw is bisexual, or directly "two-love"!
bomaw•blob says bi rights! and black lives matter!

*min plop, blob ne*

sleep well, little blob!

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blob king

he a little nervious of being king but he do well c:

(updated to include him name in plublu 09/06/2020)

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this is blobnas•blob, or king in english!
he likes lay on top of rocks and watch over his friends to keep everyone safe.
his favorite flowers are dandilions, he likes how they start off as something small but beautiful, and they grow into something that is ready to jump into the air and float away.

he got his crown from a human friend, who made it from cardboard, it isn't much be he loves it and his friend for making it!